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Quite simply, I am a therapist because I cannot imagine more rewarding work that strengthens my talents and consistently inspires me. This is my second career path, my bachelor of sciences was earned from UC Davis in Agronomy, I  was as an organic farmer/gardener, horticulturalist, arborist and landscape designer in Silicon Valley. Plants, animals and nature were my first teachers and the lessons I learned as a gardener continue to inform me. In 2004 I earned my M.A. in Holistic Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in San Jose, CA and went on to earn my license as an MFT in 2007. Following graduate school, I expanded my knowledge base with four years of intensive study in the TEAM-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model of David Burns and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction meditation model of Jon Kabat Zinn. The depth these methods have given my practice produces rapid healing. I care deeply for people and the challenges they face. In 2016 I began to build a small therapy farm in Sebastopol, CA, where plants, animals and nature are my therapeutic co-facilitators, I hung my MFT shingle on the barn door in May of 2018. My practice is both clinical and compassionate, honors the individual pace of the client and tailors interventions to their unique needs. While my specialty is in the treatment of grief and death anxiety, gained from seven years as a hospice counselor, I appreciate the diversity of my practice in both presenting issues and in the people I serve. 



Mindfulness meditation


Art therapy 


Terminal Illness


Anxiety and Depression

Relationship dynamics


Most groups meet for 6 weeks and are closed groups (no new members are added after the first session, first session is mandatory). The caregivers art therapy group is ongoing and open to new members continually.

Child Loss Groups 

 3 months - 2 years from date of death: Tues. evenings 7pm-9pm 

 2 years – 5 years from date of death:   Every other Wed. evening 7pm-9pm

Teen Mindfulness Meditation and CBT Skills, Tues. 3-4:30pm

This is a psycho-education group for teens ages 15-18. The techniques explored focus on the management of stress and anxiety. Six week groups (no new participants after the first meeting. First meeting is mandatory.)

Art Therapy Groups For: 

Caregivers. Every other Wed., 7-9pm 

Do you organize your life around caring for a loved one with a terminal illness? Whether they be family, friend or patient, you know the demands of care taking can eclipse your own needs. This monthly workshop provides the opportunity to explore your subconscious, clarify your thoughts and feelings and unravel from the stress of being a caretaker. Sessions are sometimes lively with music and conversation and other times held in reflective silence. Art projects are therapeutic by design and are processed with group participation.

Teens 14-18 years of age. Thursdays, 4-6pm

The teenage years are defined by change and adaptation. This group allows teens to explore their changing minds, bodies and environments both verbally and non-verbally. The group itself and the creative process are the healers in this group. Each session explores a specific theme, identified by the members, and processed by the group.


Preparing for the Holidays after the loss of a loved one. Nov. 17th, 2018.

A non- sectarian exploration of the challenges that confront us as we attempt to both celebrate the holidays with friends and family and mourn our losses.  The dichotomy between the two can be stressful, awkward and intensify our grief. This evening is a facilitated forum that will leave you with practical techniques for assessing your own needs and planning a path that honors our loved ones and soothes our souls.

 Collage. Second Saturday of the month, 10:00am-3:00pm

Using an adaptation of the soul collage method created by Seena B. Frost, we take an intuitive voyage into our subconscious with the use of       visual images. This is so fun, simple and amazingly revealing! Collage requires no artistic talent or conscious thought. Bring an issue you would like to focus on and an expectation to discover clarity and insight. All projects are processed by members with group participation.






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